Posted in 2023

Extra Ampere GPUs in Hydra

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of 2 more GPU nodes in Hydra adding 4 new Nvidia A100 GPUs to the cluster. These new nodes are joining the ampere_gpu partition and share the same CPU, memory and GPU configuration with the other nodes in this partition.

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Documentation website refresh

We completed an update of the machinery running this documentation website that brings a refreshed look-and-feel and some quality-of-life improvements.

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New notebook platform pilot

We are very pleased to announce the beginning of the second pilot phase of the Notebook platform of VUB-HPC.

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New command prompt in Hydra

We have updated the default command prompt in Hydra with a more informative and better looking one.


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LUMI user course

On February 14-17 2023, the LUMI HPE Centre of Excellence (HPE CoE), AMD and the LUMI User Support Team organize a general LUMI course.

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