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More Ampere GPUs in Hydra

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of 2 more GPU nodes in Hydra adding 4 new Nvidia A100 GPUs to the cluster. These new nodes are joining the ampere_gpu partition and share the same CPU, memory and GPU configuration with the other nodes in this partition.

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Kickoff of operation to move Hydra into campus

The start of the operation to move the Hydra cluster to VUB Etterbeek campus is upon us. Hydra will be closed to access from Monday, April 11th at 00:00 (CEST). The move is planned to last 1 week. We will continue to be reachable at and we will communicate the progress of the move on this post.


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Hydra moves to VUB Etterbeek campus

Hydra will very soon move from ULB Solbosch campus to the recently upgraded VUB data center on the Etterbeek campus. This change will bring improved power supply, cooling and security measures to our HPC cluster. The move is scheduled in the week of April 11-15.

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New GPU nodes in Hydra

We’re happy to announce that 6 new GPU nodes have been added to Hydra. They are equipped with the latest generation of NVIDIA GPUs: the Ampere A100.

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