Documentation website refresh#

We completed an update of the machinery running this documentation website that brings a refreshed look-and-feel and some quality-of-life improvements.

New search tool

The search tool is now found on the right of the top navigation bar of the website. This makes the search function always reachable independently of your current location in the website or the device used browse it.

VSC Status page

We added a new VSC Status page showing the current status and planned maintenance for all VSC clusters.

Light and dark themes

Now you can choose to browse this website with a new dark theme. The light theme has been refreshed with a new palette of colors as well. In the top navigation bar you can control the active theme. There are three options: light, dark and automatic (depends on system settings).

VSC links

Links to VSC websites use a new format that is less obtrusive while being as easy to spot in the document:

If you have any questions or comments, please contact VUB-HPC Support