New GPU nodes in Hydra#

We’re happy to announce that 6 new GPU nodes have been added to Hydra. They are equipped with the latest generation of NVIDIA GPUs: the Ampere A100.

The full hardware specifications are:

  • 2x NVIDIA A100 GPU (40 GB of GPU memory)

  • 2x AMD epyc 7282 (16 cores)

  • 256 GB CPU memory

  • EDR (100Gbit) infiniband network

  • 25 Gbit ethernet network

The nodes are directly usable on Hydra in the ampere_gpu partition. Jobs requesting GPUs will automatically run on the nodes if possible. If you want your job to only run on the new nodes, use -p ampere_gpu to your job submission command (or job script).

A wide range of software is already available on the nodes (module avail) and if you need anything else, please let us know at VUB-HPC Support.