Training Material#

HPC documentation#

For general HPC use, the main sources of information for our users are:

  • the VUB-HPC documentation (this website) for information specific to the HPC clusters in VUB

  • the VSCdocIndex for general HPC documentation useful in all VSC sites

Training courses#

The VUB-HPC team regularly organizes general Linux and HPC training courses (usually twice per year). The trainings are announced by email to all Hydra users, and also on our event page.

Recent training slides:

See also

The additional videos covering the HPC training slides.

Additional free trainings are organized in Flanders and Europe, many of which can be followed online:

UGent VSC user documentation#

The HPC team at UGent maintains a separate documentation website for the UGent Tier-2 clusters, which is also applicable to the Tier-1 cluster Hortense. The website contains lots of info that in many cases can also be used in Hydra.

The main differences with Hydra are:

  1. recommended usage of Torque wrapper commands over native Slurm commands

  2. usage of cluster modules to switch between different clusters/partitions

  3. recommended usage of mympirun wrapper over mpirun and srun

The documentation is available in different flavors depending on your operating system: