Getting Access

Researchers based in VUB or UZ Brussel have access to the shared HPC resources in the Vlaams Supercomputer Centrum (VSC).

Vlaams Supercomputer Centrum

Access to the HPC infrastructure in the VSC network requires having a VSC account. All researchers in VUB and UZB can request their VSC account for free and get access to Hydra and all other clusters in the VSC network. Follow the instructions in VSC Docs: Getting Access to request your VSC account.


Hydra is a VSC exclusive cluster since October 1st 2020. The use of Hydra by ULB has been discontinued.


Students can use the HPC cluster for practice courses or for their thesis projects

Bachelor and Master

The agreement of their supervisor is required. The supervisor should contact VUB-HPC Support with the list of students under his/her supervision and a short agreement notice including:

  • the confirmation that the supervisor is in charge of the students requesting access to the HPC

  • a short description of the motivation to use the HPC resources

Ph.D. Students

Doctorate students are considered staff of the university and will get automatic approval of their VSC accounts


Access to the VSC Tier-1 infrastructure has additional requirements. Researchers have to submit a project application that describes the purpose and use of computational resources in the Tier-1 cluster. A scientific and technical committee in VSC meets twice a year to evaluate all proposals. Only those that fulfill the required criteria and that can be allocated in the cluster are granted.

Follow the instructions on the VSC: Tier-1 website to obtain your grant.

Helpdesk We can evaluate and provide feedback to improve your Tier-1 project proposal.