Job Submission#

Running calculations on Hydra requires submitting a job to the job queue. Hydra uses the Slurm Workload Manager as its job scheduler.

VSCdocRunning Jobs has an extensive introduction to job scripting, submission and monitoring, as well as links to more advance topics. The information in VSC docs covers the classic PBS environment (i.e. qsub, qstat), which is not native to Slurm. However, our cluster at VUB has a compatibility layer that allows using those same commands and job scripts with Slurm. The compatibility is not guaranteed with all possible combinations of features, but most common commands and job scripts should work.

The sections below cover the native tools in Slurm (i.e. srun, sbatch, squeue). All users are encouraged to adopt these tools and use the Slurm commands and options in their job scripts. We provide quick start guides for both new and experienced users who want to migrate to Slurm.