Scheduled maintenance for Hydra in July#


Updated on 04/07/2022

15:00 All maintenance tasks have been completed ahead of time and the cluster is back online. The job queue is resumed and all users can now log in and submit new jobs.

Hydra will be down for a short maintenance on Monday, July 4th. The cluster will be offline from 10:00 to 17:00 (CEST). Users can continue to submit jobs as usual. Those jobs that cannot finish before the start of the maintenance will stay in queue to be scheduled after the maintenance.

This maintenance is a general update operation on multiple central systems of Hydra, such as the storage and the network, to apply needed security fixes. This is a preventive action and none of our systems have been affected by security issues.

The whole cluster will be offline during the maintenance. Users will be able to access the HPC clusters on other VSC sites under some restrictions:

  • VUB users with a VSC account in the range vsc100xx — vsc105xx will be able to log in to HPC clusters in other VSC sites and access their data located in VSC_HOME or VSC_DATA

  • VUB users with a vsc106xx account are subject to additional maintenance tasks and will not be able to access any HPC cluster in the VSC network

For any comment or question regarding this maintenance, please contact our Helpdesk