Urgent system update in Hydra#

Updated on 23/07/2021

Login nodes updated successfully. The system update for the rest of the nodes continues as planned.

Warning We are carrying out an urgent system update in Hydra: the login nodes will be offline for 30 minutes on July 22th at 20:00. The rest of the nodes will be progressively updated without impacting running jobs.

This urgent update solves a recent security vulnerability found in the Linux system used in Hydra. This is a preventive action and none of our systems have been affected by this security issue.

The update of the compute nodes will be rolled out gradually, meaning that part of the cluster will not execute new jobs until the node is empty and it can be updated. Users will see a slight decrease in the number of nodes available, but all partitions in hydra will continue to operate without interruption. Depending on the load of the cluster, queue times in the following 5-7 days might be slightly longer.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.