Update of the MPI stack in Hydra#

The job scheduler in Hydra will be put on pause on Thursday, 16th September from 20:00 to 22:00. We will perform minor updates to the MPI stack in foss and intel toolchains. Running jobs will not be affected and users will be able to continue submitting jobs to the queue during the pause.

This update will change the version of OpenMPI in the following toolchains:

  • 2019b toolchains updating to OpenMPI v3.1.6

    • foss/2019b

    • gompi/2019b

    • fosscuda/2019b

    • gompic/2019b

  • 2019a toolchains updating to OpenMPI v3.1.6

    • foss/2019a

    • gompi/2019a

    • fosscuda/2019a

    • gompic/2019a

  • 2018b toolchains updating to OpenMPI v3.1.6

    • foss/2018b

    • gompi/2018b

    • fosscuda/2018b

    • gompic/2018b

  • 2017a toolchains updating to OpenMPI v2.1.1

    • foss/2017a

    • gompi/2017a

If this update causes any issue on the software you are using in Hydra, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk.