Hydra security hardening#

Due to the recent wave of cyberattacks on HPC centers throughout Europe, the SISC HPC team will take security hardening measures on Hydra, in consultation with the VSC.

VSC users#

ULB users#

  • On Friday 22nd of May, all SSH keys stored in your NetID home directory will be deleted. Access to hydra.ulb.ac.be will remain possible with your NetID and password.

  • After 22nd of May, we invite all NetID users to generate a new pair of SSH keys.

As a general reminder, the use of SSH keys to connect to Linux-based systems, like Hydra, is highly recommended. However, to ensure maximum security, please encode a passphrase with your keys and only upload to Hydra the public key.

Users with a CECI account should not upload their CECI public SSH key to Hydra; CECI keys should be strictly reserved for access to the CECI clusters. Direct access to the vega.ulb.ac.be cluster is possible via the ULB VPN.