Slurm Q&A Sessions#

We are pleased to announce the Q&A sessions for Slurm from the VUB-HPC team:

Event details

  • date: Every Friday of October 2021

  • time: 14:00-15:00

  • price: free

  • access: restricted to users from VUB

  • organizer: DICT - HPC Team

  • location: VUB-HPC Training group in MS Teams

These Q&A sessions will be an informal meeting with the admins of the VUB-HPC clusters about the current migration of job scheduler to Slurm. We will start the sessions with a short tutorial on the basics of Slurm, but the focus of the sessions will be to address any comments and questions from the participants.

Practical Information#

Users of all expertise levels are welcome to join.

The sessions will be carried out in the MS Teams platform of VUB. Please request access to the VUB-HPC Training group to be able to join.