Hydra contains a mix of nodes with AMD and Intel processors and different interconnects in different sections of the cluster. The cluster also contains a number of nodes with NVIDIA GPGPUs.

For hardware details, see the VSC docs on Tier-2 hardware


Vega features 44 fat compute nodes with 64 cores (four 16-cores AMD Bulldozer 6272 processors at 2.1 GHz) and 256 GB of RAM, interconnected with a QDR Infiniband network, and 70 TB of high performance GPFS storage.

For hardware details, see:

VSC Tier-1

The Tier-1 cluster BrENIAC is primarily aimed at large parallel computing jobs that require a high-bandwidth low-latency interconnect, but jobs that require a multitude of small independent tasks are also accepted.

For hardware details, see the VSC docs on Tier-1 hardware

CECI Tier-1

The Tier-1 cluster ZENOBE is hosted at, and operated by, Cenaero. It features a total of 13.536 cores (Haswell and Ivybridge) with up to 64 GB of RAM, interconnected with a QDR/FDR mixed Infiniband network, and having access to a fast 350 TB GPFS parallel filesystem.

For hardware details, see: