Job submission


Running calculations on Hydra requires submitting a job to the job queue. Hydra uses Moab for scheduling jobs, and TORQUE for managing resources.

See the VSC docs on running jobs for more info.

In Hydra, before a job goes into the queue, a submit filter checks the job script for missing options and errors. The following options are added if not specified by the user:

  • send email when job aborts

  • request 4 GB per core by default

  • assign jobs requesting 1 node and more than 245 GB to the high-memory queue

  • assign jobs requesting 1 or more GPUs to the GPU queue

The job submission will be aborted if the requested resources fulfill any of the following conditions:

  • requested RAM memory per core is less than 1 GB

  • requested RAM memory per node is more than total RAM memory

  • requested number of cores per node is higher than total number of cores of the node

  • requested number of cores is less than requested number of GPUs (must request at least 1 core per GPU)

  • requested job queue does not match requested resources

  • features do not exist, do not match requested resources, or are mutually incompatible


Running calculations on Vega requires submitting a job to the job queue. Vega uses Slurm for scheduling/managing jobs.

See the CECI docs Slurm Quick Start Tutorial for more info.