Creating an account

  • The Hydra cluster serves both VUB and ULB researchers. Hydra is also the VUB node within VSC and thus accessible to researchers with a VSC account.

  • The Vega cluster is a CECI cluster and is accessible only with a CECI account.

VSC accounts

VUB researchers can request a VSC account to access Hydra and all other clusters within the VSC network.

Follow the instructions in the VSC docs on Getting access.

Bachelor and Master students who want to use the cluster for their thesis must ask their supervisor to send a confirmation letter and a short motivation for their HPC needs to

CECI accounts

ULB researchers can request a CECI account to access Vega and all other clusters within the CECI network.

Follow the instructions on the CECI web site:

netID accounts


netID accounts have been deactivated on Hydra for VUB researchers as of December 16th 2019. For more info, please check the netID account migration page.

If you are a ULB researcher, you should first activate your netID account for Hydra in your personal account manager (PAM)

If you are unable to activate your netID account for Hydra, please send an activation request to Don’t forget to provide your netID, the purpose of your Hydra usage, your group name, and your supervisor (if applicable).

Undergraduate students must ask their supervisor to fill out a registration form here: